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2007 in a nutshell....

-- I was invited to join a band. I'm their keyboardist ;)
-- Beach beach beach
-- Get-your-hands-dirty outdoor stuff
-- Splurged on Designer bags, clothes, shoes
-- I was able to buy my own car (and will still be paying for it for the next 2 years huhuhu!)
-- Gambled my money away on stocks
-- Enrolled myself to SAP
-- 7-day work
-- Stress, stress, stress. Spent more time in the office than at home.
-- Lost 10 pounds. GO FUCKING FIGURE.
-- Filed a 5-day leave and flew to Leyte. On my 3rd day I rebooked my flight and went back to Manila. FOR WORK!

I think over the past year I've become more mature and independent. I never ask my parents to buy me stuff anymore cuz hello! I'm earning my own money and nakakahiya to ask for stuff. They should be enjoying their money now. It's such a nice feeling to be able to buy something really big with your own money. It's like.. an achievement :) I don't wanna be stereotyped as some girl without substance. A superficial consumer-driven airhead. One who does nothing but talk about kikay stuff and waste their precious daddy's money... You make your own money already stop leeching! At least I have more to offer. I know I love shopping.. I love going to the salons... I love to talk about the latest Hollywood gossip. But I can talk about politics, the economy, boy stuff, I love sports too... stuff like mountain climbing, swimming, surfing, boxing.... and I exercise my mind almost 24/7 coz I'm a software developer (and damn proud to be a computer geek!). I think I'm done with mindless shopping now (Except the designer bag purchases like twice or thrice a year.) My car goal is done.. Next year I'll be canvassing for a lot here. :)

I've been so damn busy with work I wasn't even able to have a proper out of the country vacation. Those 2-day beach getaways aren't even considered vacation considering the effort plus the hours travel... I did get tangible results from my work. But still.... I feel like my efforts are not being paid off well... Hmm hmm... We'll just have to wait and see. 2007's been one hell of a roller coaster ride. But I won't be able to survive it without my family and friends. You guys you know who you are! I know you're freaking tired of lecturing me and listening to me rant and rant and rant about you-know-who and you-know-what. Let's hope 2008 will be better this time. I can feel it. This year's going to be great.

Oohhh... I remember my 2006, I ended up losing about P70 000 on a wrong investment. And so I thought I'd be all happy splurging away, I rammed my car to a freaking island. So yeah... Well... P5000 insurance is still way better thatn P70 000, yes?
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very creative!
dalawang heartbreak pictures ah.. hmm...

well.. hope 2008 will be a better one. :) For the Wounds!