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It's 2AM and I'm officially 27. I'm old. Even though my parents aren't around. Can I just say that I'm really really happy. It started yesterday, my last day at work (I took a leave for the rest of the week), Chino and I went to Duty Free to buy me my gift (A Longchamp bag) and a dinner at King Crab.

14th I woke up early to renew my driver's license. Still shitty because the printer broke down. Thank God the place is airconditioned so it's not as hassle. Had a simple lunch with Chino at Savory at Town.

I was kinda bummed tonight because Chino told me he's gonna sleep early because he felt really tired. And so I thought he was just gonna sleep in and not be the first person greet me. Anyhow I slept the whole afternoon and I'm wide awake (obviously). As the clock striked 12 my phone rang and it was Chino.. He told me to go outside.

He was awake the whole time! He planned this all along. It was the sweetest thing. I couldn't get the smile off my face. Oh wow it suddenly rained. Weird.. Anyhow... I was really surprised. I love him.

Best birthday so far :)